Massage Therapist in Sippy Downs

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Massage Therapist in Sippy Downs


Shayne has been a massage therapist in Sippy Downs, since 2010, helping people on the Sunshine Coast with relief from muscle pain, back pain, neck & shoulder pain. Shayne works with his clients towards achieving overall health and a long term healthy lifestyle using remedial and relaxation massage.
Shayne is a blind massage therapist who can often identify undiscovered issues due to his heightened sense of touch which allows him to feel muscles, soft tissue and restricted movements in a unique way.
Shayne believes in a holistic approach, working with his client’s other practitioners to achieve the best results for his clients. Learn more about Shayne’s story.


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a form of massage therapy that helps to relieve pain and promote healing of damaged tendons and muscles. It is a treatment that goes straight to the source of the problem and heals both the cause and the symptoms.

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Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is the ultimate way to unwind. It focuses on giving you time to recover from the stresses of daily life. When you experience a relaxation massage, you can expect a treatment with long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing.

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Clients say…

“Shayne provides an effective and caring service that I can highly recommend. He really knows and understands body physiology. He can truly see with his hands! It’s great to feel comfortable and at ease and as a female.

Shayne always makes me feel relaxed and safe.”

Marion Allen

“Brilliant massage, Shayne is very knowledgeable treating aches and pains as well as relieving tension. He’s a lovely fellow and comes highly recommended from myself and my family.”

Timothy Lanham

“I was recommended to Shayne Fraser for massage therapy as a part of a treatment plan for [my] Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I now visit Shayne every fortnight for deep tissue massage and relaxation massage and really look forward to every session.

I come home feeling like I have had a good workout but, in addition feel really relaxed.”

Gary Hopkins