"For the past two years I have been fortunate enough to have weekly massages from Shayne Fraser.

I know I would have not been able to continue work if it were not for Shayne targeting problem areas and dealing with them before becoming serious and/or debilitating.

I thoroughly recommend him [Shayne] to anyone with pain problems, as I personally recognise the value of regular massages by someone who knows what he is doing and does it well."

- Bryan Bruce, 69


"Shayne has been treating me for the last 12 months for various hip and back issues.

Shayne's massages are so good that they have become a fortnightly occurrence. Shayne seems to have extra senses when it comes to massaging and treating my injuries.

I totally recommend Shayne's service - he offers a professional service that leaves me feeling rejuvenated."

- Chris Davis, 40


"I was recommended to Shayne Fraser for massage therapy as a part of a treatment plan for [my] Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I now visit Shayne every fortnight for deep tissue massage and relaxation massage and really look forward to every session.

I come home feeling like I have had a good workout but, in addition feel really relaxed."

- Gary Hopkins


"I first consulted Shayne about the benifits of regular massage therapy in conjunction with my training routine, and his knowledge in all aspects of massage and well-being, have proved invaluable.

Shayne has a passion for what he is doing, is professional and has wonderful people skills. He has an excellent work ethic and is punctual yet flexible with his availability, depending on his client requirements.

I cannot recommend Shayne highly enough, and know that any person having a consultation with Shayne will be in good hands."

- Jenny Collett


"Shayne provides an effective and caring service that I can highly recommend. He really knows and understands body physiology. He can truly see with his hands! It's great to feel comfortable and at ease and as a female.

Shayne always makes me feel relaxed and safe."

- Marion Allen